🤟 360Creators Meetup

This Friday we’ll be having a Meetup! See you there!

Sign up using the link below.

Link to join:

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It was great to see you - even though I was 2 hours late :joy:

Here is the link to the NFT Art Gallery. I will try to build a contact here in Berlin https://www.misa.art/


Hi Ronald was trying to post this topic but unable. Perhaps you could answer for me?
Thank you, Billy

I was testing the LGT from my phone (chrome on desktop) to my computer with mic and camera and Live Guided Tour sound “in tour” (tool tips etc.) doesn’t work but does work on the video connection. Sound seems to go off when connected? What am i missing?
Anyone had this experience?
thanks for your suggestions

Have you tried it with TURN Server, too?
May be a firewall thing? Or browser specific audio blocking?