About the πŸ™‹β€β™‚οΈ 360 Virtual Tours category

As a Virtual Tour creator you want the ability to export your work and host it anywhere you like. For that we have this group that looks from a broader perspective. Here you can ask anything as long as it’s related to virtual tour creation that can be hosted on your own server.

List of tools:
3DVista https://3dvista.com
Simple Virtual Tour (SVT) https://simplevirtualtour.it/
Marzipano https://www.marzipano.net/
KRPano https://krpano.com/
Pano2VR https://pano2vr.com/

Any other suggestions? Feel free to share!

Self-hosting in this group refers to having the ability to self-host the exported files of the software tool, not self-hosting the software tool itself. Even though Marzipano is able to do both.

For more things related to self-hosting software tools on your own server, there’s the other group Self-hosted Tools.

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ItΒ΄s a bit picky and the first two are object-oriented, but I would also add

Object2VR Object2VR - Garden Gnome
Verge3D Verge3D: an artist-friendly toolkit for 3D web experiences – Soft8Soft

and I donΒ΄t know if this one counts as self-hosted, but itΒ΄s matrix-based (like Element Chat https://element.io )

Third Room https://thirdroom.io/