About the 🙋‍♂️ Self-hosted opensource no-code tools category

Nocode tools are easy to use and fun, until you notice how dependent you become of their private server. The famous vendor lock-in.
Selfhosting and opensource sounds nerdy and complicated. And to install these things, it requires code and some scary command lines to get things on a server. What if there’s a “nocode” way of getting that done? Or having someone on your side helping you with this?

Now we’re getting the best of both worlds. Self-hosted nocode tools. Chances are that these tools might feel a bit more nerdy and code. Yet if you’re able to see a little through those things, you gain superpowers.

Self-hosted automation tools:

  • n8n

Self-hosted database tools:

  • baserow
  • nocodb
  • seatable

Self-hosted virtual tour tools:

  • marzipano

Self-hosted url shortener:

  • yourl

Self-hosted file management cloud:

  • nextcloud

Self-hosted file transfer service:

  • droppy

Self-hosted chat & projectmanagement:

  • mattermost

Self-hosted video-calling:

  • jitsi

Self-hosted community:

  • discourse

Self-hosted website builders:

  • wordpress
  • webstudio

Self-hosted analytics:

  • matomo

Self-hosted password manager:

  • bitwarden

Self-hosted appointment manager:

Where to host those self-hosted tools?

  • hetzner
  • aws
  • google cloud
  • bluehost

Here’s one of many sites to help you can find even more opensource alternatives to your vendor locked software:

Something I’d like to share with everyone. It’s definitely not necessary to migrate anything to an opensource alternative right away. Migrating takes time. The pressure to do so can distract you a lot. Consider it a step by step process. You take a look at the list, look at your current priorities and maybe there’s something in there for you to move from one thing to another. Same as having this group on closed Facebook, at some point we’ll move over to discourse or whatever is going to be out there. But for now, enjoy the ride.

If you have any suggestions to add to the list, let me know!

If you’d like to offer your products or services around these tools, feel free to reach out. Building a marketplace.

Services I’m looking for to offer on the marketplace:

  • Installing any of the tools above on hetzner or any other server of choice
  • Managing updates, backups & security of the server