Ask the Community, 3DVista Skin customization help

By Emile Hanna

Hi, I'm looking to create a skin. So basically I wanted to use the 'portolio' skin which has the 'left panel 4'. What I need done is to have the same panel on the right side. The 'parents' will be in the left panel and the 'children' will be in the right panel. I tried adding another left panel 4 and attempted to modify it but didn't seem to pane out for me. I also need more help setting up the tree with the elements to represent the parents and children.

example a 'parent' would be '360 photos' or 'Still photos' in the left panel as a button and then right panel would open revealing the list of images by name. I would prefer both panels closed initially especially the right panel.


Created at 2023-02-16T17:44:38.000Z