Ask the Community, Anyone working with construction clients to document build process?

By Danny Adler

I'm working to understand further different industries and uses for virtual tour content. I'm aware that some construction companies use virtual tour media to document stages of the build process. Unlike a lot of marketing uses for virtual tours, you don't see a lot of these "out in the wild" because they aren't really for public consumption, so I haven't really seen any examples out there to learn from.

Is anyone building tours for clients like these? I'm curious to learn more about the needs and wants of these clients, how you got their business, what the process is like, are you able to charge solid rates, etc.
Happy to discuss here on the board, but also interested in having 1 on 1 calls with people with knowledge if you have the time. Thanks.

Created at 2023-03-22T19:42:22.000Z