Ask the Community, drone panorama stitching + jpeg mini

By Josip Puškarić

Hello, I need help with drone panorama stitching. Soon I will have VT with up to 10 drone pano, and my concerne is about quality I get with my stitching workflow. Overall I am pretty satisfied with the quality I produce with: DJI mini2 (auto exposure), automatic pano with 26 jpeg - stitching in MS ICE - PS for cover up sky - LR editing (jpeg🤨) - and Topaz photo ai. But sky is not so great and client wanted to be. Is there any of you who will consider stitching it for me for a reasonable price? Probably the best solution is PTGUI? For me it is a bit pricey right now, and I dont even know will it help.
Here is an example of my work in Kuula:
And in attachment is just a "damaged" sky.
More sun, I get bigger "damage"

Another question is for eventually buying jpeg mini software...
When I put pano (no matter if is drone or Z1) in Topaz labs software, except improving quality it resize MB. It is pretty good, in general about 50% in resizing.
Do you think I should use jpeg mini also with Topaz labs?

Sorry for bad English, and thank you for answer.🙂

Created at 2023-02-22T15:21:10.000Z