Ask the Community, Javascript

By Richard Lincoln

Hey everyone, I'm new here and really excited to meet everyone and contribute where I can!

I have a tour that has different music in the two distinct areas of the space. I want the music to change when you navigate to that space from the menu or by navigating freely around the space. I have set play media actions for both ways of navigating which works, but if the audio was muted from the beginning of the tour, or if my mute audio button has been clicked the audio will still start when you navigate there.

If I knew Javascript better I would write a script that has a variable for the audio and use an "if-then" to accurately control the audio. Can anyone help me or point me to any documentation that would help me achieve this?

You can see the tour here -

Thanks in advance for your help!

Created at 2022-11-22T04:28:12.000Z