Ask the Community, Making media searchable in VTs and CMS

By David Salomon

Do you have any ideas about how to make media in a VT searchable?
I'm creating VTs as a community archive for Aboriginal people have lost connection to country, family, language and culture. They may have only a small amount of information to start with, a clan or family name, an old mission site or location or perhaps a language group mentioned by grandparents and distant relatives. There is an enormous amount of information out there, after all it is an oral culture and people have amazing memories.

It makes sense to arrange media by location, either drone images and maps or within a virtual gallery with rooms for different groupings. Language names, songlines and other information can provide an enormous amount of cultural information. This can be done with fairly standard VTs. There's also more personal information that has survived and held by a few people. Having discussions with them can evoke old memories and valuable information. We are in the process of recording stories, digitising photos and film clips to place them in "country". The recording work is ongoing and open ended.
There are a couple of things that would make VTs immensely more useful,
  1. if media in a tour was searchable with text entry, ie if a published tour had media search function similar to the VTP editor
  2. if there were a CMS backend, think shopify plugin, but just serving digital stories, audio and photos.
I've had a look at some of Ronald's Airtable, Make, Webflow which may be promising, though though I don't see a complete solution as yet, but nearly. Firstly, does this interest you and have application to any of your projects and secondly, does your current practise shed any light on the challenges I have outlined. At this stage it is beyond my pay grade. Thoughts?

Created at 2022-09-30T05:30:38.000Z