Ask the Community, marketing problem

By Abdollah Ebrahimi

good morning, noon or evening people !

the company that I make virtual tours for made one for a big shopping mall ( like 12 floors ) and you can go everywhere in it. and now we're trying to convince the actual shops in the mall to be included in the tour so the viewers can go inside their shops and look around. and the problem is virtual tour is such a new and unknown subject here that we are facing a huge challenge to get them to join.

I wanna know what I should focus on while marketing. it's not like I'm trying to sell them a scam, it's a huge project ( for a newbie like me ) and we worked on it for a year now so it's kinda like a child for me and I hate to see them underappreciate my child 😄

Created at 2022-09-21T21:32:01.000Z