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By Josip Puškarić

Hello, after I built VT for PC, wanted to optimized it for mobile. I forced mobile orientation , include notch area but for different mobile phones - shows differently. What do you usually use? I leave it on first (Galaxy S6/S7), but try to change to others to see how it looks. After I upload it, try to open it on 2-3 different mobile devices. Main problem is when I open it on Iphone 13pro - can`t see button "media control toggle fullscreen". Try to erase it, put new one for several times but I can`t see it anywhere, everything else is visible while this button missing. What am I doing wrong? It is visible on every other mobile phone but not on new Iphone. It looks preety bad when you can`t see full screen.
Also, should I force general skin on Ipad, or move notch or something else you would like to recommend?

I post this question on FB and got this answer:
"you have to divide the resolution by 3. Try with 2532 ( 844) x1170 ( 390)"

Do I have to change resolution on Iphone, because in this case everybody does? That ain`t cool.
I can`t find on Iphone settings something like that.
I belive there is way in 3D vista, but I`m newbie :)

Please help, thx

Created at 2022-12-17T14:11:12.000Z