Ask the Community, updating and existing tour

By Abdollah Ebrahimi

hi everyone. I'm working on a big virtual tour for a mall and in the mean time we're asking the shop owners to join the tour and every time someone agrees :
  • we go there
  • shoot the panaromas
  • add them to the tour
  • export the tour again
  • and upload it again
and this tour has over 18,000 files and over 2 GB size so uploading it every week is not fun.
I was wondering is there a way that I can only upload the new changes and the new files to the existing tour that is on the website? I know it sounds silly but virtual tours have their files beside them in a folder and I thought maybe I can just add the new ones and perhaps some code somewhere so the tour knows what to do with these new files?

Created at 2022-09-22T11:19:35.000Z