📣 Call for Vendors to be listed on the 360Creators Market

We’re about to launch the 360Creators Market.

Just before that, we’d like to have it filled with products and services from the community.

Pricing is going to be €10 per listing per month. For vendors that are listed before Friday 13th of October, it’s going to be for free for any of your listings. As long as the listings make sense for the community.

If you’re interested to be listed as a vendor, let me know by sending me a message or email. I will need the listings before the 13th to have them listed for free.

I will send over a form to fill out. Mainly product information and your own checkout url.

You have the freedom to use any tool you like to collect the payment with, whether that is Stripe checkout link or a Gumroad checkout link.

@ezovr @OneStepNorth @OneJan @roel_de_Wit @Greece360 @matej

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