🔗 Custom Query Parameters | also known as Deeplinks

Custom Query Parameters

You can create your own query parameters. If you’re unfamiliar with those, you’d might want to start reading this article on 360creators.com.

Use external data inside 3DVista

One of the great use cases for this, is that before visitors enter your Virtual Tour, they enter a form with their first name. Once they submit the form, the first name can be send over to the 3DVista tour using ?first-name=Ronald with a GET request to make this happen dynamically. And use this custom query parameter to greet the visitor using a Skin title in the 3DVista skin with some custom javascript.

Send data from 3DVista elsewere

You can also create custom query parameters within the Virtual Tour and send those outside 3DVista. For example having a

E-learning use case

Let’s say we’re building a Virtual Tour for a client that requires its employees to go through a 3DVista e-learning with 3 modules. Some employees only need to complete 1 module, others 2 and others all 3.

What the client needs to know is: who completed which module?

For keeping this use case simple, we trust the employees to fill in honestly their own details.

We built a form, ask employees for their employee number. We sent the form data with a GET request to the 3DVista tour, so that it shows up as ?employee=12345. With some custom code we can save that in 3DVista as the employee goes through a module.

Inside 3DVista we’ve created a webframe 1 by 1 px to send data to. Once an employee finishes a module, we trigger a webhook with n8n, make or zapier, such as:


with two custom query parameters. One is the employee number and the other is the module number like:


Then from the automation software we can use these variables in any other type of tool that has an API, such as Baserow, Nocodb or Airtable. And from there we give a list to the client to see who finished what.


Dear friends, it is possible to pass or send a parameter in the URL, for example [https://www.myvirtualtour/name?=Oscar and for the word Oscar to appear in some text in a hostspot

Or do the most advanced one, for example [https://www.myvirtualtour/UserId?=9885477 and connect to a database MysQL, SQL Server or load XML, etc File and make the query, load the texts that should appear in some hotspots, even bring the path of an image and this is placed within the Virtual Tour in a Hotspot.

I assume you’re more familiar with coding than using the no-code tools such as n8n, make or zapier?
N8n automation tool has these triggers to talk with SQL.

This was given by @rainerpuschner a year ago on this post.

queryString = window.location.search; const urlParams = new URLSearchParams(queryString); let location = urlParams.get(‘answer_1’); if (location == ‘Netherlands’) { tour.setMediaByIndex (0); } if (location == ‘Algeria’) { tour.setMediaByIndex (1); } if (location == ‘USA’) { tour.setMediaByIndex (2); }