No more annoying captcha puzzles on your site?!

Having a form on your website, for example to get someone to subscribe to your newsletter, can get you a lot of spam very quickly. I always assumed that CAPTCHA was the only solution to prevent you from spam. Allthough I hated to fill out CAPTCHA myself on sites, I also hated the spam I was receiving, so I still decided to add it to the forms on my own site.

And today I figured that there’s this thing called Cloudflare Turnstile which you don’t need to fill out puzzles to prove you’re human. :exploding_head:

It looks like this:
Cloudflare Turnstile の勧め | きんちゃんのブログ

I have no idea yet what happens with the data and privacy, but Captcha would be Google and this to Cloudflare.