🚀 Skin CMS, start today for free!

We have updated our pricing plans from packages to single mappings.

Meaning one price that is €49 per mapping which can be extended with an additional 100 records for €25. That’s it.

We are pretty sure you’re going to love it, that’s why we made a free version of our product available for any user up to 10 records. This includes all the functionalities as with the paid version without any time limits. So feel free to use it anyway you like!

Get started today!! :grin: :star_struck:


If you’re on this platform, I encourage you to start working with this functionality. I’m already working with two clients: One government, One hotel. Both of which will be able to control content from their end.


When you say, they can control content from their end, can they update for example videos, images, text, etc, integrated inside virtual tours?


Yes. I gave my client access to an Airtable Interface and they were able to upload their own images, videos and create basic HTML in multiline Text for example.

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I have used both Airtable and Skin CMS and initially spent 2 to 3 hours familiarizing myself with them. Once I grasped their functionality, I realized that I would prefer not to store multiple content items within 3DVista.
This approach has proven to be very beneficial! This helps a lot!


Great to hear! I’m asking older clients if they’d like to upgrade their previous projects with me. Most of my projects moving forward are going to have Skin CMS. Both my current clients love this ability. Plus, whenever you create an Interface and share it with somebody, if they aren’t a current user, Airtable will give you a $10 credit for every person that signs up and verifies their email! I’ve already gotten $40 :grin:

Launch video post below :grin:

:rocket::rocket: LAUNCH!! :grin: :grin: We’re out of beta :star_struck:

Skin CMS features :grin:

:white_check_mark: Free Mapping

:white_check_mark: Sync your desktop with your mobile skin

:white_check_mark: Let your client(s) create and edit the content

:white_check_mark: Conditional styling

:white_check_mark: Documentation

We’re super excited to have this to you guys! Many many many of you guys know how extremly needed this was. Some features such as conditional styling might be somewhat advanced, but hey, that’s the beauty, you can go on your own pace, knowing that there’s much more possible!

Sign up for a free account today and get mapping :star_struck: :grin:


Send me a DM if you’re interested in having second free mapping, only for community members :smirk: :grin: