What type of content would you like to see more of from 360Creators? [vote!]

What type of content would you like to see more of from 360Creators?

  • 3DVista content related to Skin
  • 3DVista content related to Hotspots
  • 3DVista content related to VR
  • 3DVista content related to 3D
  • 3DVista content with custom HTML
  • 3DVista content with automation
  • Alternatives to 3DVista such as Pano2VR or Simple Virtual Tour
  • Open Source
  • Self hosting
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Or anything else, let me know in the comments :point_down:

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Maybe also

  • Integrations (Marketing Tools, Lead Generation)
  • Design Tipps & Tricks
  • Business Use Cases

Thanks! Which marketing tools are you currently into?

Itยดs not so much about solutions, but probably more about

  • Lead Generation โ†’ e.g let people explore 10 steps or 30 seconds until they have to signup for a newsletter to continue โ†’ no idea if that is possible

  • Monetization โ†’ Pay Per Minute Tour Exploration // Per per Ticket solutions โ†’ these are probably a deep dive into the Stripe SDK

  • Token Gated Access โ†’ Access to certain tour areas only for specific token holders โ†’ Again difficult to realize

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Lead Generation
I wouldnโ€™t recommend building things where people loose their freedome to navigate, if it would be a suggestive thing to sign up for a newsletter, sure. Yes can be done after 30 seconds or 10 steps.

Monetization & token gated access
Pay per minute or ticket, probably focus on the ticket. Selling through Stripe is something that happens a lot, yet it has quite some risk to sell through Stripe related to selling things online which can be sold in any country to both consumers as well as businesses. Proper tax handling is what can make the concept live longterm. And itโ€™s very challenging to make that part work in Stripe correctly.
And for that, Iโ€™d recommend creators using a merchant of record (MOR) to sell.

Iโ€™ve been using Gumroad a lot for that, currently looking more into Paddle.

Then once a MOR is established, then yes you can take that next step in only giving access on completed payment.

I know Iโ€™m making it more complicated for lots of people here, yet I feel itโ€™s important to be aware of this.