Airtable fields are not compatible with SkinCMS mapping

Hello. I am trying the Skin CMS. I created a base in Airtable with actual data from a client. I have one table (LOTES DISPONIVEIS) that is the data I got from client. I had then to compile some data to fields in a second table (LOTES AUTOMATION). I did this so my client can delete lines from a table he already is familiar with (LOTES DISPONIVEIS), and this will take affect onto the actual table that is mapped with Skin CMS (LOTES AUTOMATION). It was done using MultipleLookupValues and rollup.

The way I want to set up the mapping is so when I click in on Quadra (1 to 21) it will show all available Lotes with their corresponding area.

Unfortunately Multiple lookupValues and rollup are not compatible with SkinCMS Mapping. I Cant find documentation on which kinds of table are compatible. I want to see if I can somehow compile data so it will be compatible with skinCMS. When I press the link: Compatibility table, I am redirected to Airtable
and get a message:

Unable to request access to base

A request was made in the past 12 hours. Request again later.

Anyone with similar issue? any input will be helpful!

Thanks a lot!

I am new user and can only link one image. So in the image bellow you will see the 2 tables and mapping mentioned above

Hey Leopardi!

Welcome to the community and welcome to Skin CMS. We discussed it quickly in Gather to solve it in private.

For those interested in the solution:
You can use a Formula field to concatenate the rollup or lookup fields. This way we made it work very nicely.