Anyone experience self hosting Jitsi?

I’d like to have Jitsi self-hosted, so far I’ve been able to do so using Hetzner one click.

Yet I’ve got two main challenges before using it myself or teaching it to others:

  1. Recording video does not record the screenshare
  2. Anyone can start a meeting on my server, I’d like to have that private.

Anyone having the same challenges?

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Not Jitsi, but I used to run a matrix server with element chat (Riot) a couple of years ago.

Do you do your client calls as well on matrix with element? I’ve been playing around awhile ago with that, but for some reason I didn’t continue. Still curious about it.

Unfortunately I am not using it for first client calls, there I am using Zoom. But for larger projects it is a very useful tool to get all people together in a private collaboration environment.