Changing polygon hotspots color

hi! this is my first post , I’m new with skincms I’m trying to change the color of a hotspot(polygon) but I can’t , is this possible? or is there any possibility to make this in the future?


Hello. I posted a similar question on Ronalds lates Youtube video on SkinCMS for Hotspots ( Dynamic hotspots in 3DVista) . here is the answer from Ronald:

Ahh just to clarify, it’s not with roll over states. That’s still something manually (and painful) to do in 3DVista for the time being. This is based on the status you give it in Airtable. If your client would want to have something sold or available again, they can easily change it themselves. Or you could make a simple automation and have it working with 3DVista.

I am also waiting this feature to be able to change color in polygon hotspot. I imagine it will come at some point.

You can duplicate the hotspot, give the duplicated hotspot a different color and use the SkinCMS for Hotspots video technique to show/hide the correct color (the free projectfiles also include the code).

thanks a lot! sorry forgot to come back here, but I did saw your video and
I’m working on a demo, again, thanks!

That’s cool!