Do you keep the same Google Analytics code for all tours or individual GA code per tour/proporty?

I would assume a unique property and unique GA code for each tour makes most sense, but Iโ€™m not so sure anymore. Curious how you guys do it. Do you keep the same GA code for any of your tours?

I have client properties and unique tour GA codes (which can run on more than one tour, if I connect them)

Do you find that Google analytics are more cost effective and as detailed or more than 3DV?
thank you

3DV has the heatmap feature and is simpler to read and is in general more optimized on the VT use case.

But GA is more detailed and has much more features and possibilities.

Thanks Florian!

Can we use heatmap with google analytics?

Also please mention tips (if there are any) to get the most out of a google analytics project.

I am using a different analytics property for each tour, so I have a dropdown and I pick which project I want to see analytics on.

I use GA and each client has its own Property and Measurement ID. That way I can share a dashboard with them exclusively and delete data if they ever want to.

Hotjar has website heatmapping, but I canโ€™t get it to work for virtual tours. I wonder if thereโ€™s a solution out there other than 3DV. Iโ€™d love to have that feature.