Griseo v1.3 by EZO VR

V1.3 – Additional improvements + stitching of image 17 (Pano 11) V1.2 – Fixed alignment issues on some panoramas. V1.1 – Added “White Walls” option and vector masks V1.0 – Initial Release

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One of my favorite premade spaces for 3D Vista.

I´m looking forward for a 3D Version of this and other EZO VR spaces as GLB Versions

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@ezovr are you planning to make a 3D Version of this one?

Hi, I am not sure. Should I? :slight_smile: It was very popular template actually.

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Cheers, but it was a complete nightmare warping smart objects, I think there are still a couple of placeholders which i couldn’t win. Especially the artwork close to the camera.
As for GLB, yes, possible, would others be interested?

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This one and the other factory hall gallery would also be great in 3D - I only have the Matterport version of it - maybe again with 4 or 5 different texture sets could be successful products on the market

Here is my Factory as Matterport Version

And here is the Griseo as Matterport.

Probably also the Everest theme could work better in 3D.

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I’ve found a way to have a CMS for hotspots :eyes: :grin: So you can replace the images after exporting it from 3DVista.