How to organize Pay per View?

I am considering using WordPress as the base platform. I need to enable paid access to individual 360 panoramas. It seems that this task is a bit challenging because the content itself consists of separate 360 Virtual Tours built on a proprietary 3DVista engine and they are not integrated into the site’s database structure, making them unmanageable in the WordPress Admin Panel.
I have come across some Membership Plugins for managing user access rights. However, if I embed a hosted tour within a protected page using an iframe, the direct link can be found in the web page code.
Has anyone successfully implemented pay per view for protected virtual tours, and if so, how?

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Unfortunately no finished projects yet. But I am also researching Pay Per View and Content Gating via Shopify. I could imagine that also Shopify NFT Token Gating could be an option. The most promising Pay Per View and Pay Per Minute concepts that I have seen were created with the Stripe SDK β†’ look here the page for usage based payment Nutzungsbasierte Abrechnung | Stripe-Dokumentation