Skin CMS and Airtable language

Hello, please tell me you can change the text using Skin CMS and Airtable! But how can we determine its translation in another language for this changed text?

Hey @gevorggasparyan1914 , welcome!

We haven’t done that yet before. What I’d very likely would do is to have the Label for a title duplicated in 3DVista and the single line text field duplicated in Airtable and have those linked.

Then whereever you select the language, probably in the first screen, on clicking the language button, you show the Label for language 1 and hide the Label for language 2.

This way you can have everything set inside one mapping.

I’m curious if that works for you! If not, happy to hop in a short 15 min call to help you out.

thanks for your answer, can you please make a video?