Skin CSM copy text

Hi folks.
Is it possible for a user to copy text from a text panel using CSM setup from a published site?

We have a panel which will show world wide company details.

The client wants to be able to edit that data from their side (which is where skin CSM comes in) but external users from elsewhere will need to copy that company data to paste into their documents from the published tour.

Is this possible?
Many thanks

Hi @Stezza , welcome here! :grin:

If I understand correctly, you’d like to have something like a codeblock similar to this, right?

Hi Ronald this looks great. I haven’t set up an account yet but will get our dev guy to do that, I’m just the concept guy.
So it looks possible to me and the next question would be can the text be stylable so it looks like this…

Thanks for your help on this it’s all looking promising.

At this point to copy the action is not yet possible with Skin CMS. However, it is possible with some custom development.

Styling can be however you like!

OK so just to clarify we dont need to copy the text style, it just needs to be displayed like the above. Client can paste plain text which is fine.
Is that what you meant?

Hi folks can you tell me what goes in this section please.
Maybe the missing link in getting it to work!!

The 3DVista Trigger (formula) field you can ignore. That field is used to copy paste the javascript text into 3DVista itself as an action.