Think again before you invest into Amazon AWS

Here you can get a better idea why AWS is a bad idea and why something like Hetzner is being so much more reasonable.


Hi Ron,

I would like to make some suggestions to the community regarding virtual tour hosting and the big hosting providers in general.

I have worked for 3 months for and I have learned a lot about virtual tours, hosting, compression, performance etc.

In the end of the day, virtual tour creators produce static content. Static content meaning a bunch of html, javascript and static assets including videos and panoramas. When you think “static” you should immediately think “cheap” and there is a good reason for that.

The main reason static hosting is so cheap, is the fact that big providers have a huge network of servers (not datacenters) responsible for caching. If you don’t know what caching is, please check it out here What is Caching and How it Works | AWS.

At iSPACE, we hosted 30+ tours on Amazon AWS (S3) and the costs were very very very cheap. As time goes on, costs remain cheap and inbound traffic is translated to low costs because AWS is cheap, but outbound traffic is charged. For example if you want to get a full back up (which we did) of every virtual tour, you will get charged each time you get this backup because you’re moving data outside of the data center (not the caching servers).

So before picking a provider, check the ingress and egress fees at scale (assuming you have a profitable business that will scale in the future).

Fast forward to today, I would definitely check cloudflare’s S3 alternative whic is called R2

As far as I understand, Cloudflare has zero transfer costs but has a storage limit which in my mind is more than awesome!

I will definitely keep my eyes on cloudflare :eye: :lips: :eye:

Also, a good friend of mine Erjon, is using which I believe is also a partner to Cloudflare

Welcome to this part of the community @dimitrios :grin:

Most virtual tour creators produce static content yes.

Ye those back ups of each tour are the expensive egress fees as mentioned in the video.

Cloudflare R2 looks interesting indeed with zero egress fees. Have you looked into or considered Hetzner?

Saw a video last week about bunnynet as the cdn working with coolify on any server of your choice.