Triggering events based on device location

Hi everyone,

I have a client that wanted me to setup a tour that essentially works as Google Maps for their place of business. I captured the whole site and set directions, and then used QR codes around the building to set starting points. The user scans the QR code and orients their device so the gyro is in the correct location, and then the tour walks them step by step to their destination. There are arrows and text that guide them through, and clicking on the arrows progress them to the next step of the navigation.

The tour is about finished and I’m satisfied with how it has turned out considering it was created in 3dvista. The clients like it as well, but wish that the navigation would progress as you physically walk to the next hotspot instead of having to click an arrow on screen.

I told them before the work started that interacting with the screen (or setting up automatic timers) will be the only way to progress in the tour and that we can’t integrate real-time location tracking to trigger events in 3dvista.

As far as I know there are no capabilities for GPS or location tracking in 3Dvista, but I just want to make sure I do my due-diligence before I go back to them again and assure them that it’s something we absolutely can’t do with this tour.

Any creative solutions that pops into anybody’s heads to achieve what they want? I’ve been racking my brain and feel like they really just want a full on AR application.

Any ideas are greatly appreciated!

Hey @lukenim! Welcome here :grin:

There is capabilities to do something like that. It’s just not that easy. I know some developers are able to built something like this.

Just making sure you’ve seen this:

But I know this is not completely what you’re looking for. But can help you to get to some other ideas maybe!

Thanks for the feedback, Ronald!

I had missed that video, so I appreciate the link. Definitely something to think about.

I’d love to figure out a way to achieve what they’re asking for, but it does feel like it’s above my current abilities. Time to get to work on my programming skills :grimacing: